K9 Services

Coming Fall 2021

What We Do

Fidelis Family Retreat Inc K9 Services offers basic obedience, behavior modification, service dog training and military/law enforcement K9 training. Our goal with basic obedience and behavior modification is to help anyone. Our paid services will help in funding the Service Dog Program to provide veterans with canine (K9) service animals.

Basic Obedience

Provide your dog with the knowledge it needs to perform basic commands like sit, down (lay), place (stay in a designated location), leave it (ignore), come (recall), heel, crate (kennel) and potty training. All of these will allow your dog to be a graciously welcomed member of the community. Keep in mind that you will have to keep up on all the training that we put in to your dog. You wouldn’t want your dog to go back to not having any manners again would you?

Behavior Modification

If you have a dog that destroys things in your home or is aggressive in anyway. We are here to assist you in correcting your dogs actions. We will teach your dog the correct way to act with the right command, then have you participate in a small group with the dog and trainer so you can learn and maintain the good new behaviors that you dog has learned.

Service Dogs

We are here to support Veterans through the aid of a service dog. We will also give you some one-on-one handling with your service dog to build a strong relationship that will allow the two of you to act as one cohesive group. Our goal is to provide the veteran with a service dog free of charge and also any refresher or additional training the service dog may need for the life of the dog.

Military/Law Enforcement Training

We are here to train Military/Law Enforcement dogs and handlers a new and different way to do trailing, detection and bite work that is better for both the dog and the handler. Our approach is to allow the dog to do what dogs do best; use their senses the way they were breed to and not be held back by the handler. We will provide the handler with training that will allow them to work with the dog as one cohesive unit after they build a lasting relationship with the dog.

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