Past Events

October 2020

This month the Tipsy Toad Tavern will be conducting their annual firearm raffle. Please be sure to participate in the raffle because you will have a chance at winning, as well as entertainment by Tokyo Joe, T-shirts, great food, drinks and supporting our Veterans and their families. Remember to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on events as well as progress with the Nonprofit. Thank you so much.

Tipsy Toad Tavern

103-C Beaufort St.

Chapin, SC 29036


If you would like to participate in the current conflict please contact the troop coordinator.

Alpha Squad Troop Movements

Bravo Squad Troop Movements

Charlie Squad Troop Movements

Delta Squad Troop Movements

Echo Squad Troop Movements

Fox Squad Troop Movements

Fireworks Desensitization Class 2021

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